Daily Meditation for September 22, 2020

One day my noon walk took me past some old plum and crab apple trees. After a long summer drought, they were all pretty scraggly, but a few plum trees were bravely trying to ripen “smaller than usual” fruits. I tasted several greenish pink fruits and was not surprised at their bitterness. Hopefully in a week they will sweeten up. Then I came upon something even more remarkable—a lone crab apple tree, almost denuded of leaves standing, branches uplifted, with a sparse but beautiful mauve colored crop of blossoms. How could this be? It was late August! Surely there is a lesson here. Nature seems to tell us: Don’t give up after hard times. Bear fruit even if it is not perfect. Or, go back to the beginning and start all over; blossom just for beauty’s sake.

By Phyllis Plantenberg, OSB