Daily Meditation for September 21, 2020

“If you love your job, you haven’t worked a day in your life.” This is a quote by Tommy Lasorda. How do you feel about your job–whether or not you get paid for what you do? Is it something you love, something you’ve been called to do in your life or simply something that you have to do? How would you answer a job survey that would have you rate “job satisfaction” on a scale of one to seven? Labor Day, which we celebrated earlier this month, can really be looked upon as the seventh day–Sabbath day–how God rested, looked back upon creation and saw that it was good. Consider the ways in which you are being a co-creator with God as you begin each day anew. Enjoy a good day’s work so you can enjoy that for which you work, and pray for people unemployed because of the pandemic.

By Janelle Sietsema, OSB