Daily Meditation for September 14, 2020

The black beady eyes of the (Canadian) mother goose glared at me as I drove ever so slowly and carefully through the parade of goslings which followed her. Needing to be somewhere within the next 10 minutes made me continue. The tires of the car were well away from her precious flock yet, she obviously did NOT trust me. She sensed danger, and I was it! As we continue to sense danger in our surroundings, we need to care for one another and try to spread some good news. There is progress. Your smile, word of encouragement, appreciation or greeting, help me when tempted to let routine sour my attitude toward today and expect no change tomorrow. You can sense danger by the tone of voice when you hear, “Where is that face mask?” or someone growls because they are bored or exasperated. Mother Goose cares for her little creatures and we, too, need to care for each other in time of danger.

By Judy Kramer, OSB