Daily Meditation for July 31, 2020

The thunderstorm was violent. Trees bent and danced in the wind. The thunder threatened and roared as it approached then echoed, still threatening as it left. The rain poured down and the thirsty earth gulped in the moisture. Then the storm calmed to a whisper and the sweet odor of fresh earth filled the air. Sure enough, before the event was over came the rainbow…product of sunlight filtered through particles of water. This is nature’s glorious display of hope and safety.

And so we continue with safeguards, lockdown and monotonous routines as we shelter in place! Dutifully we watch the graphs for signs of virus containment, yet the clouds and storm continue to mount. Then, we must be the rays of light to shine through the rain and maintain hope. In our resolve to continue together as faithful people, we must pump light and hope to others as we protect and defend and ourselves and all others.

By Judy Kramer, OSB