Daily Meditation for July 27, 2020

Spring and summer flowers always attract my attention. I love the fact that each new bloom seems to wait its turn. So, for example, gorgeous pink peonies bloom in mid to late June, but not before the tulips and daffodils have had their beauteous reign. As well, chrysanthemums do not bloom until after summer flowers have gone. Seems to me that the Great Orchestrator might execute similar plans for the growth and development of human beings. Often, we must reach a certain maturity or instruction before we can receive Holy Communion or be Confirmed by the Holy Spirit. In society, we must be trained to drive a car, vote or be married. Are there other things we must accomplish psychologically before we can move on to the next level of maturity? When do we love and when do we forgive? Just as blossoms, we must flourish with each stage of growth.

By Mary Jane Berger, OSB