Daily Meditation for July 24, 2020

What’s taken up residence in you? We hear the saying: “He’s got under my skin.” That telling statement is about irritation. You know the insect bite with resulting rash and itch. Or the distress of an allergic reaction which affects most of the body. The pain of shingles also bothers for a time even with medical treatment. Someone under the skin disturbs from inside out. Trying a different sphere of the anatomy, what comes to mind when you say, “God has gotten into my blood”? Blood connotes a life source, a nurturing flow. It evicts whatever could be harmful. In this context, to say that the Holy One or even another has gotten into a part of my being…memory, heart, feelings, blood is to acknowledge a very positive influence someone has. Sometimes that blessed impact is even like a blood transfusion, the possibility of restored and extended life. Consider what new blood these times brought you.

By Ruth Feeney, OSB