Faith is Alive

I attended a youth rally earlier this year with some friends. The experience was powerful, to say the least. The songs that were part of the rally were new to me, so I appreciated the projected words on the screen in front of me as I joined in the singing. The youth, along with the other adults at the rally, knew the songs by heart. They sang in full voice as they swayed their bodies and waved their arms in the air. This added to the excitement; they were not afraid to express their love of Jesus.

These people, who freely expressed their faith during the rally, were an inspiration for me. I wanted to be as on fire with Jesus love as they were. My faith grew stronger that evening as I witnessed the people around me. Love was truly in the air, the love of Jesus. I strive to keep my renewed love alive, because it was rekindled that evening. Every day as I take time for private prayer, Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist, I am nourishing my faith and love for Jesus. This foundation allows me to give to others what was given to me that evening.

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Lisa Rose, OSB

Photo: The monastic schola singing during Christmas Mass