Daily Meditation for July 1, 2020

Our country has a very mean streak. It’s called prejudice, white privilege and racial injustice. Every day we learn of more ugly incidents of injustice and downright evil against people of color especially, as well as against immigrants, and the poor in general. Many of us are people of great privilege and we haven’t even noticed our protected, predictable and well-planned lifestyle. Now, as the dark picture of institutionalized injustice faces us we ask again and again, what might we do to change this situation. A prominent black theologian and activist was asked. He urges us to take a good, honest look at our history (it will make white people uncomfortable)… sit in that discomfort, be still and ponder in that discomfort, talk with someone affected by this lack of justice  and pray with all your heart that we will have the good sense to learn justice, charity, equality and kindness from the ashes of our meanness.

By Judy Kramer, OSB