Daily Meditation for June 29, 2020

The Bible states that Jesus once talked about: “Learning a lesson from the fig tree,” or Jesus telling us “you are worth more than a hundred sparrows.” Jesus was using ordinary things to make a point. So can I. Any summer day, I can take time to stop and reflect on whatever seems so common in my life and learn what it can teach me. I could go to my closet, for example, and look at an article of clothing I consider valuable and fashionable. I hold it in my hands, allowing myself to be absorbed with this garment and its future. Perhaps the garment can teach me to be less obsessed with trends and passing fads of the day. Or to see the false promise of happiness in those things that are here today and gone tomorrow, thus freeing me to seek with all my heart that which is lasting in life and beyond.

By Joyce Iten, OSB