Daily Meditation for June 18, 2020

Lately, I’ve almost started obsessing over washing my hands. I like the clean feel and smell of the cleanliness. Also, I like the way I can say certain prayers depending upon the duration of the wash. When I need to get the paint from coloring off my hands, I can say the “Hail Mary,” but when I only need a quickie, I barely can say, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.” When I made my First Holy Communion, I sang under my breath, “Jesus, Jesus, Come to Me.” So, when I’m being slow and deliberative, I sing that lovely phrase. Not to forget the purpose of multiple washings of hands, I think of the many who have died from the sting of this virus and offer my short prayers for them: God, help us all, so that this horrible threat to life as we know can end sooner rather than later.

By  Mary Jane Berger, OSB