Daily Meditation for June 8, 2020

Letter writing seems to have become a lost art. There is something so sensual about writing a letter to someone, especially at this time when the whole world faces the gruesome reality of a pandemic. Holding a pen in one’s hand and allowing it to scroll loving thoughts on a card or piece of paper is an act of hospitality. Its effects often linger like the scent of a fragrant flower. Sharing one’s wisdom and concern for another conveys a message of friendship and acceptance. The time it takes to write, placing the letter in an envelope, sealing it with tap water (for health reasons), addressing it and finally ‘decorating’ it with a colorful postage stamp all speak of hospitality and connecting with another. It can also be a source of joy for the recipient to recognize the handwriting on the envelope when it arrives! With that said, let’s write letters!

By Kathy Rademacher, OSB