Daily Meditations for May 28, 2020

To change our thinking and ways of doing things is difficult for us humans. It often takes an experience as deeply unsettling as a pandemic to capture our attention and challenge us to “get it.”  Have we been able to:

  • Realize our power to infect or protect everyone near us and adopt new behaviors?
  • Develop a deeper understanding and compassion for everyone sharing quarantine with us?
  • Try new ways of doing things together while apart: televisits with physicians, distance learning, praying with virtual congregations in televised religious services, meetings and parties via Zoom?
  • Be attentive to the essential workers who assist us and express our appreciation for their help?
  • Get over being divisive and strive for the common good: government, work groups, community organizations, neighborhoods and families all work better when we are all in together to face a challenge like the virus.

By Mary Jackle, OSB