Daily Meditation for May 27, 2020

Ironically, during this pandemic we are asked to keep social distancing—while we are pulled together ever more intimately within our families. Many are confined to close quarters in small apartments or in one-level homes, some without a spacious yard to allow more breathing space. How to cope? We soldier on as best we can, but human nature cries out for comfort, security and most of all, forms of companionship. A phone call, a written note, a fax, a text, etc. are small means but effective ones in reaching out to others. What travels best and farthest, however, are prayers. With them, we can cover everyone. The phrases “Give us this day our daily bread” and “Deliver us from evil” have perhaps never before carried such weight and meaning. God sees and hears all our cries and surely is not ever missing in action. We believe; Lord, help our unbelief.

By Carol Berg, OSB