Daily Meditation for May 22, 2020

Jesus describes our relationship with him as the vine and the branches. The Father is the grower, Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. We are reminded that if we remain attached to the vine, Jesus, we will deepen our relationship with him. We know that branches need to be pruned so growth can take place. How are we pruned? It is through the crosses that come our way and events that challenge us? For example, the pandemic we are going through, the death of a loved one, the fear of the results of the pandemic and even something as little as a headache. This week, take some time to talk with God about the pruning that is happening in your life and ask his help to make you strong. Jesus reminds us that we must remain attached to the vine to continue to grow.  Look at the vines around you and think of this story and how it applies to your life.

By Elizabeth Larson, OSB