Daily Meditation for May 20, 2020

May is a joyful, lighthearted time when spring is in full swing. The world pandemic makes us feel exactly the opposite; there seems to be illness, loneliness, fear and uncertainty all around. What a contrast! Sometimes, contrasts can reveal a deeper meaning to us. Yes, the coronavirus has brought many negatives, but those can’t detract from the light, life and beauty that spring brings. Take a moment to pause and savor creation and accept some of the gifts which May 2020 offers. Watch as nature burgeons, realizing that, although bad things are happening, they can’t annihilate the glory of creation. The world still turns, the sun still shines and the buds still burst into blossom. Our loving God gives us beauty and fullness, a reminder that blessings can be found, if we look for them, and that God’s love is still there to be grasped and experienced.

By Karen Rose, OSB