Daily Meditation for May 18, 2020

Amazingly enough, creative powers lurk within each of us…stronger in some that others… If we are not forced to use the skills and talents we have, those traits will never develop. We are told that a crisis can be a challenge as well as a catastrophe. Yet, we only have power over ourselves. How we choose to react or respond is up to each person. In our current situation of an unprecedented health crisis, we certainly see the power of each person’s attitude and actions in the face of never before experienced suffering, change, death and uncertainty. Perhaps we have grown too accustomed to our routines, our jobs, our plans, OUR way. We may have come to believe that only our plans were important. We are now forced to think and plan broadly…for the good of all. Your power to remain creative, steadfast and positive breathes powerful strength into my spirit!

by Judy Kramer, OSB