Daily Meditation for May 14, 2020

It takes work to be Easter people. We need to look into so many tombs, untie the binding cloths, smell the stench of death, watch the Lazaruses walk into freedom, the song of birds, the budding trees, the fragrances of flowers and newly prepared soil. It takes work to care for our new war; our three world wars now include Coronavirus 19. All wars demand immediate and continuing attention: from first responders to unaccountable losses of lives, homes, cities and debt beyond imagination. But isn’t every war, whether with arms and computer chips or this virus, a “war against humanity?” Recently, our UN secretary general, Antonio Gutierrez, called for an immediate and global ceasefire to all wars…wars of any kind. Can we even imagine “an immediate and global ceasefire to all war?” Thank you Antonio Gutierrez for reminding us of what has always been true: wars destroy our delicate web of life.

by Renée Domeier, OSB