Daily Meditation for May 8, 2020

“What a mess the world is in” seems to be the common cry these days. Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his book Meditation and Prayer offers a more positive take on our world by suggesting that “the world lives by the blessing of God and of the righteous—and thus has a future.” For him, blessing means laying one’s hand on something and saying: “Despite everything, you belong to God.” Bonhoeffer goes on to say, “We do not abandon the world, we do not repudiate, despise, or condemn it; instead we call it back to God, we give it hope, we lay our hand on it and say: ‘May God’s blessings come upon you, may God renew you: be blessed, world created by God, you belong to your creator and redeemer.’” During this Easter season, may Bonhoeffer’s prayer be ours, also.

by Lois Wedl, OSB