Walking in Circles

One of my most beloved places at the monastery is the labyrinth behind the Spirituality Center. I’ve always had it all to myself, and I savor the slow walk to the center, the time to sit on the bench long enough to hear the chimes at least once and the slow walk back out. Sometimes the chimes remind me that it’s time to report back to the classroom, go to the chapel for noon prayer or go home and make supper. Still, the interlude has been good.

First winter and now the order to stay home have kept me away from that monastic walk, but I’ve found new ways to walk in a holy circle. Oblate friend Juliana Howard sent me some of her original Walking Psalms. I don’t know how to sing the melodies, but I typed the words on cards to tuck into my jacket pocket. In my neighborhood, there is a half mile loop right out my front door. I recite Juliana’s Psalms and find direction for my day and peace in my soul.

Palm Sunday was the first of the days in Holy Week when I wished the doors to my home church were not locked. At first I didn’t know what to do with my sadness and loneliness. Then I decided to take my Walking Psalms to the church parking lot and walk in a circle. As I walked the perimeter of the large parking lot, I prayed for my congregation, all those dear ones I look forward to seeing every Sunday. All alone, I named them out loud, thanked God for their friendship and support and prayed that they would be safe until we can worship and enjoy coffee, donuts and conversation again.

Marge Lundeen, OblSB

Photo: The labyrinth at the monastery’s Spirituality Center●Studium