Daily Meditation for May 7, 2020

She cocked her head to one side as she seemed to survey her work. What seemed to me a useless heap of tiny sticks, leaves, moss and feathers would soon take shape as a perfectly formed robin’s nest. Her instinct and nature’s laws taught her what to gather and how to carefully construct a safe nest for her young. Thus, does Our Maker, who has a master plan, call us to use our natural talents and energy to create a place for peace and a safe home for all? We are each given various gifts, family traits, educational opportunities and experiences, but what we do with these “raw materials” is our responsibility. Our innate powers are gifts which are meant to be developed, to be used, to be shared. We can be grateful and giving or greedy and grudging. The robin knows how to build a home for peace and security for her kind, and we humans?

by Judy Kramer, OSB