Daily Meditation for May 4, 2020

Spring is an interesting time of year. The weather goes from bad to good to not so good and finally to wonderful. The leaves bursting their buds, the many shades of green, the plants we know will soon be breaking into blossoms or already have, all of these lighten the spirit. And then Easter comes quickly too. All of this can make our hearts happy but also can make us grateful. That happiness is a true gift, just as the gratitude is as well. We might not think of gratitude as something given to us but rather as coming from our own mighty selves, but it truly is a gift and one to be recognized. Gratitude helps us to appreciate the beauty and goodness of spring, the beauty of family and friends, and most of all, what Easter brings back to our memory. Easter and spring remind us that we are amazingly blessed by God.

by Stefanie Weisgram, OSB