Daily Meditation for May 1, 2020

In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks simultaneously to the future and to the past. May is a month in which many of us are busy being like Janus. Graduations celebrate successful completion of a level of schooling and the beginning of a period with new priorities. We think sometimes of how much we will miss the past, but we anticipate the future. May is a popular wedding month in which the couple leaves life as they knew it and proceed through new passages and doorways together. May is also when many people are trying to gracefully complete a part of their lives and to confidently begin another. A kindly spiritual practice for the month of May is to include each day a prayer for everyone who is in the process of transition.

by Mary Jackle, OSB