Daily Meditation for April 30, 2020

Without bridges, we could never cross over any kind of chasm; nor could we reach the other side of other great divides such as those that often exist in relationships, unless WE build bridges rather than walls. We often live in distrust of each other or we demonize each other because we actually fear our differences in language, culture, political affiliations, set of moral judgments or even situations due to personal woundedness. So, we live in a world in which various groups stay away from each other: liberals and conservatives, Protestants and Catholics, Jews and Arabs, Arabs and Christians, Muslims and Buddhists, colored and whites, pro-life and pro-choice groups, feminists and traditionalists, young and aging, disabled and healthy, among others (says spiritual writer, Ronald Rolheiser). What would change if we developed the capacity to bless others, to bless, and never stop blessing others?

by Renée Domeier, OSB