Daily Meditation for April 29, 2020

We all hope, one day, to return to the lives we enjoyed before the coronavirus pandemic and the essential confinement we’re experiencing now. Then we may gain a new perspective on people and events we took for granted, and even those that were a drag. A six-year-old named Leo is not fond of school and often has to be coaxed onto the school bus. When his school was shut down, his parents thought he’d be overjoyed. Instead, Leo was sad because, as he said, “I miss my school.” It could be that many of us will appreciate what we’re missing now—our colleagues at work (even the irritating ones), a warm handshake, toilet paper, school, being with our elderly parents, standing shoulder to shoulder at worship and raising our voices together in joyous praise. As we grieve for the many people around the world who have lost their livelihoods and their loved ones, may we also be newly grateful for the ordinary blessings of our lives.

by Mara Faulkner, OSB