My Unique Experience With a Realtor (Part Two)

A continuation of Tuesday’s blog…

The realtor and I started to go to the various rooms, one after another, rooms which I had often seen because I stayed there when I returned for a visit. I had no idea what to ask or say to show her I was serious and knowledgeable about buying a house.

Having heard advertisements about Andersen Windows on television, I tried to look and sound smart by asking, “Are these Andersen Windows?”

“Yes,” she answered.

At one point, she asked me, “What does your husband do?”

My quick response was, “Oh, he’s a carpenter. We live and work in the cities and are interested in moving out into a smaller town in the rural area. He’s looking at houses in Willmar and I’m here.”

A little later in the tour, the realtor asked, “How many children do you have?”

“None,” I replied. At least that was a true response. I could tell that she was beginning to wonder about his weird person who had no children, only one question, yet was interested in this spacious bungalow house with a full basement, a big yard and a garden.

We ended up in the kitchen where we started. Handing me a yellow legal pad and pencil, she asked, “Would you like to sign here, please?”

“No, I’d rather not.”

“Sign your husband’s name,” she said.

“No, I’d rather not. He doesn’t like when I sign his name without his approval.” By the look on her face, I knew she was thinking, “What a strange woman.”

She continued, “Could you give me your phone number where I could reach you if I find a good deal?”

“I’d rather not,” I answered.

Looking at her and thanking her for the tour, I could tell from the look on her face that she was thinking, “There is something weird about this person.”

I was never so relieved as when I left to get into the car and drive to Clara City to Shorty’s brother’s house. As I reported as closely as possible all the things she had said about the house and the various rooms, we also laughed hard about “my little white lies” and the uncomfortableness of the world experience. While they enjoyed the humor in it, they also were very apologetic for having put me through this ordeal.

After it was all over, and having shared the experience with Shorty and Dorothy, getting many laughs made it all worthwhile. It was another fun time with them, but there was never another encounter with a realtor.

Margaret Mandernach, OSB

This story was written for Stories Like You’ve Never Heard Before…, a compilation of stories written by Sister Margaret Mandernach.