Easter Joy

As the sun shined upon them, Nancy Weldon, a neighbor and graduate of the College of Saint Benedict, her daughter Hannah, a first-year student at CSB, and daughter Cecilia, a past attendee of 3G Camp, donned their hats, put on their masks and grabbed an armful of colored chalk for a sidewalk greeting to the sisters for Holy Week and Easter. The sisters watched from a distance and when the artists had left, the sisters, keeping a social distance from each other, made pilgrimages to see the greeting and marvel at their artwork. How touched the sisters were by the thoughtfulness of the Weldon family in their concern for us. Cecelia, who was disappointed that 3G Camp was cancelled for this summer, although she understood the wisdom of the decision, had the idea of this way to communicate with the sisters. Thank you, Cecelia, Hannah and Nancy for living the Benedictine values and bringing us Easter joy and hope. May you be blessed with the same gifts!

Written by Michaela Hedican, OSB