Daily Meditation for March 18, 2020

Annie Dillard, a well-known American poet and essayist wrote, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Dillard pens what seems to be straightforward wisdom for her reader. In fact, most people would probably agree with her statement. Yet, perhaps it is much easier to express this sentiment than it is to actually live it out. Distraction from the things we care deeply about can come quickly with so much unrest in the world, the frantic work-a-day mentality and the barrage of images from social media. How do we not get distracted from important and valued pieces of our lives? Maybe, it is by taking time to catch up with an old friend, by listening to your favorite song or going for a reflective walk. What does your daily life say about what you value?

By Bridgette Powers, OSB