Daily Meditation for March 13, 2020

Last month on Valentines Day, we paid special attention to the people closest to us whom we cherish for many different reasons. These are the persons God has given us to walk with through life.  St. John Henry Newman reminds us that God also gives “blessings of friends which to my door unasked, unhoped, have come.” Who are your friends that were unasked and unhoped and turned out to be great blessings? The blessing of friendship and love is a renewable resource. A resident in a nursing home was celebrating her 90th birthday. An amazing number of cards and letters arrived bringing best wishes, as well as many phone calls. The caregivers were surprised because most of their very elderly residents have few people left to remember their birthdays. One of the nurses asked about all of the friends this lady still had, and she explained, “Yes, and I plant a new crop every year.”

By Mary Jackle, OSB