Saving Earth

Like a comet across the sky, or an explosion of shooting stars, so it seems God has touched the children of the world in 2019. Among others, our children are now leading the world to save the planet earth. While powerful leaders and corporations continue the destruction of the planet, young people are leading us to a new understanding. If the adult world only watches and applauds, and does not engage, perhaps little will change. Where money and power and self-interest ruled, a new moral ethic is sweeping the way ahead. Realistically, youth activism in the area of ecology, and more specifically climate change, is hardly new. Sixteen-year-old Greta Lundberg of Sweden may have brought the school children out into the streets; however, she is not the only youthful leader pressing for an ecologically-sustainable world. Along with youth and all who believe, we can change things; let us work together.

Kate Casper, OSB

Photo: Singkham from Pexels