Daily Meditation for January 15, 2020

It was December 1 that I awakened from a dream with the Spanish words, “Pide pan!” in my heart and on my lips! “Ask for bread” I was told! Immediately I thought of the Biblical hungry ones whom Jesus did not want to send home lest they faint on the way. The disciples fed their hunger—seating the thousands in groups of 50—who needed a little bread and fish, blessed and  multiplied! Today, after seeing a YouTube about the thousands of homeless people on the streets of Sacramento, literally dying because of a lack of some bread and drink that we—you and I—might give them. I prayed that we could give them a home and a plate of healthy food! Jesus’ sympathy included responsibility. He had said to the disciples: “YOU give them to eat.” And they did. Am I…are you…acting responsibly if we do not actually share our abundance? Our Christmas sharing can help others who may die, unless they are included in a share of our bread and fish.

By Renée Domeier, OSB