Daily Meditation for January 8, 2020

Manal al-Sharif is a Saudi woman who “dared to drive” before the ban was lifted. Actually, she was the innovator of the latest movement (by women) to lift the ban against women driving in Saudi Arabia. Manal’s memoir of the same name is a compelling read that should impact every American woman. She started the movement “#Women2Drive” in 2011, but in her zeal to make sure her social media contacts were making enough contacts, she set out driving her own car. She was arrested and jailed, even though there was no legislated law in the country that forbade women from driving. When thinking about things to be grateful for, this is a top choice. Women in the United States of America should think of driving as not only a right but also as a definite privilege. In the spirit of gratitude on a daily basis, be sure to thank God for privileges.

By Mary Jane Berger, OSB