Daily Meditation for January 7, 2020

For most of us, every day presents us with responsibilities to fulfill as well as opportunities to be of service. These can be challenging. But along with the difficult times, we also may have moments of enjoyment and truly pleasant interaction with one another. To go through our days, our Creator has gifted us with the unique tools of mind, body and spirit. Tools are made to do the work. Our human tools, designed by the Divine Engineer, are truly well-fitted for the job they are meant to do. For example, consider the human body. It’s equipped to do our human job. Did you ever notice how we have two ears but only one tongue? What can this tell us? Maybe we are meant to do more listening than talking. In any case, this is good human practice. We use our tools well when we listen, pay attention, reflect responsibly and speak the truth from our hearts.

By Margaret Michaud, OSB