February Offerings at the Spirituality Center●Studium

Join the Spirituality Center●Studium at one of our February programs or retreats!

Spiritual R & R Day
“Come away and rest awhile” (Mark 6:31). Throughout the Gospels, Jesus encourages his disciples to take time away to let their souls catch up with their bodies. The Spiritual R & R Day offers time for quiet prayer, reflection, reading, walking, resting and meeting with a spiritual director, if desired. Group prayer begins and ends the day. Noon Prayer with the sisters at the Oratory and noon meal with the sisters at the monastery are also options. Free will offering accepted. Optional noon meal at the monastery is $9.

“Running With Expanding Heart: Meeting God in Everyday Life”
Run: But often we plod, walk, skip, shuffle through our days. With expanding heart: Are we in an exercise program? Meeting God: How does God meet us? How does God catch our attention? How might we respond? Everyday life: It’s so daily, routine, at times trite and boring. There are issues that are much more in need of our attention and action. We will explore answers to these questions and ways we can give more attention that is receptive and responsive to God’s interruptions in our daily lives. We might leave more convinced and open to daily events as sacred—where we meet God and God meets us. During the day, we will explore some ideas and reflect on them individually and with others in light of the gospel.

Introductory Workshop to Centering Prayer
Four sessions presenting the method of Centering Prayer and its relationship to other forms of Christian prayer. Each session includes time for questions and discussion. Three 20-minute periods of the prayer itself are included during the workshop. Eucharist with the monastic community at 11:30 a.m. is optional.

Sophia Program
Women bring unique and special gifts to their churches and make significant contributions to ecclesial ministry. The Sophia Program creates a life-giving network for women in church ministry. It is an opportunity to partner with women who serve in various church-related ministries, including pastoral care, administration, education, faith formation, chaplaincy or liturgy.

Participants commit to meet three sessions a year for two years from Sunday evening to Tuesday evening. Cost per session is $150. Sponsorship assistance is available.

Applications are due February 6, 2020.

Doing Ritual: Bringing Our Bodies Along
We are Christians because we believe that the Holy One, who is pure Spirit, took on human flesh in Jesus. God created and loves the material world, including human bodies. Like every Lover, God wants the gift of our entire being. Because we are body/spirit creatures, we need to involve our visible bodies as well as our invisible spirits—minds and hearts—in our worship. We will reflect on the meaning(s) and value of specific liturgical rituals, such as the Sign of the Cross and the Sign of Peace. Noon Prayer with the monastic community at 11:30 a.m. is optional.

Listening Our Way Through Lent
Lent can seem so demanding, the road to Easter so long. Where do we even begin? “Listen,” Saint Benedict would advise, “Listen with the ear of your heart.” Weaving together Scripture, story and Benedictine wisdom, Mary Stommes will lead us to reflect on listening as a rich and fruitful Lenten practice. If we become better listeners— to God and to everyday life—we will more easily recognize the hope and joy of Easter that awaits us at journey’s end. Noon Prayer with the monastic community at 11:30 a.m. is optional.

Sacred Pause Lenten Prayer
Gather to share common prayer of lectio divina (prayerful reading) using the Gospels of the Sundays of Lent, followed by a shared meal and fellowship. Meet with a sister spiritual companion for 30 minutes during each week of Lent.