Daily Meditation for January 2, 2020

The medical mandate was not to drive until given the physician’s clearance. Groceries had been anticipated and mail was picked up, but the numerous trips for rehabilitation were going to be dragged out. How was the woman not to be a burden to others? “Not to worry,” offered a neighbor. “We’ll get you there.” An elderly man realized he couldn’t shovel snow anymore. Noticing this, a youth group leader discussed the matter with the teenagers. With the blessing of their parents, they offered to take turns clearing his sidewalk through the winter. These are real stories of ready response that counter attitudes of “nobody cares anymore.” How good it is when the “merry” of the holidays transfer to other seasons. A child asked his mother why they were taking treats to the nursing home when Christmas was now past. She asked whether he stopped liking his cookies when the tree came down. He exclaimed, “Let’s go! They need the treats any time!”

By Ruth Feeney, OSB