Daily Meditation for December 30, 2019

December—the darkest month! Before the 21st, each day gets shorter and nights get longer. Darkness brings so much insecurity. Can you imagine yourself going into a room without a light? Moving in the dark seems full of danger, confusion and unknowns. But what a difference even the faintest light makes, allowing you to proceed slowly and cautiously. The gift of light makes a world of difference in proceeding in any moves in life. And in the full light of day, all is clear. Walking and running are possible with ease and confidence. Light is such a gift. Light comes from the sun, from electricity and from smiles from loved ones. We can bring so much light to each other. The more light we embrace, the more we are able to cope with even the darkest of situations. This day, let’s embrace the light around us. Let’s be grateful for the effect that light has on our attitude and our pain.

By Marlene Meierhofer, OSB