Daily Meditation for December 27, 2019

On Sunday, Dec. 29th we celebrate the feast day of the Holy Family.  The Christmas season is a great time to think about the importance of good relationships within families:  the love and respect that children should have for their parents, and parents’ devoted care for their children.

The Holy Family is an example for us.  They had many difficult times as is told in the Gospel.  Joseph was told in a dream to avoid Herod and his attack on infants and to leave Bethlehem and go to Egypt.   It was not easy to make that journey, but as a loving parent he followed the command.  This Christmas season we might pay special attention to the relationships within our families – immediate and extended.  As adult children, how do we relate to our parents?  As a parent, how do we teach our children to love and respect adult family members and one another?  In this age of media and cell phones, take time to be with your family; time for prayer, play and conversation.  Remember, we are God’s family.  How can we develop that relationship?

By Betty Larson, OSB