Daily Meditation for December 26, 2019

A heart which is wrapped in gratitude is a heart that is also wrapped in joy.  It beats to the tune of being forever grateful for all the gifts bestowed on it…everything from LIFE itself to the smallest of blessings.  It responds promptly with “THANK YOU”       for both small and big favors and gifts.  It sees a blessing in every good thing that happens.  Such is the heart of the man who planted hundreds of fig trees.  One day he was asked why he did so when he wouldn’t live long enough to see and enjoy their fruits.  He replied, “I’ve spent many hours sitting under fig trees and enjoying their fruit. Now I am hoping others can enjoy the fruit of the trees I am planting.”  That man’s heart was wrapped in gratitude…a very fruitful way to live all of life.

By Kathy Rademacher, OSB