Daily Meditation for November 22, 2019

In his book Wrestling with God, author Ronald Rolheiser takes up the topic of regrets near the end. Everyone has regrets, of course, and there will always be regrets in our lives because humans are faced daily with decision-making. Youth, perhaps, suffer more deeply if they do not accept a decision they have made. To continually waffle, reconsidering a decision or questioning the wisdom of it, makes craziness. One must eventually own the decision and let go, or rather accept it as the best for this moment in time. The problem, however, is the human desire to have it all. Having it all illustrates the human weakness of restlessness. (According to St. Augustine, we will be restless until we rest in God.) We are not whole in this life and therefore hopefully, as we mature, we learn to make our choices knowing we can live with the regrets.

By Mary Jane Berger, OSB