Daily Meditation for November 15, 2019

There’s a difference between justifying an action and identifying worthy reasons for doing something. Take hunting, for example. Ask those who anticipate the season with enthusiasm. They’re not just escaping the work-a-day-world nor the challenges of family life when they go away a few days. They’re perfecting skills, solidifying friendships, becoming good marksman…to say anything about bringing meat to the freezer! Their wives, who may be out shopping, aren’t wasting time or money either. They’re working ahead so that the holiday craze doesn’t get to them. It feels good to make use of sales to get terrific Christmas gifts ahead of time! The “good” of these autumn excursions lay in the motivation of heart to be sure, but they also support that happy leisure which benefits one for days to come. For hunters, nature is restorative and calming, a place to meet God. Buying ahead can help promote the sacred season of Advent and Lent. So go ahead and enjoy your outings!

By Ruth Feeney, OSB