Daily Meditation for November 7, 2019

Author Brené Brown asked workshop participants, “What is the one thing that people who can fully lean into joy have in common? Her answer? “GRATITUDE”—not just an attitude of gratitude, but actually practicing gratitude. Workshop members shared examples of practicing gratitude: Each night at dinner, John’s family members share something they are grateful for that day; Dan begins his day telling his fourth graders how grateful he is to be their teacher; weekly, he has his students write some things they are grateful for on special piece of paper he provides; and Janice, financial director, and department members make a habit of sharing their gratitude for happenings in the department. Brown concludes by saying, “We’ve got to stop and celebrate one another and our victories, no matter how small.” She says, “Things may go sideways in an hour but that is no reason not to celebrate an accomplishment right now!”

by Lois Wedl, OSB