Daily Meditation for November 5, 2019

What if we’d declare today as International Smile Day? Wouldn’t it be great to have everyone greeting each other with a big smile? How would it feel to be surrounded with smiles today? Wouldn’t it make today very special? On this International Smile Day, how about trying to look intently at each person you meet today and give them a big smile. A smile has the power to lift our spirits. A smile is a gift to ourselves as well as to others. Just deciding to smile, even if we don’t feel particularly happy, can change our outlook. Smiles are contagious. A smile lifts us up as well as brightens the day for everyone we encounter. What a powerful effect a smile has on people. Try it today. See what a difference a smile makes on your attitude and the atmosphere around you. Let’s spread joy today by smiling at others and keep happiness going.

by Marlene Meierhofer, OSB