Daily Meditation for October 31, 2019

In an historic southwestern city, a group of young Franciscan friars were assigned to live in their community’s House of Studies. It had been a convent for many years and a resident from that period remained on site. She was the ghost of an elderly sister. When the men gathered for breakfast, they often saw the ghostly sister sitting at the kitchen table. She was a gentle and kindly presence, and they became used to her. Several blocks away stood the first city hospital and orphanage. This place, too, has resident ghosts. Occasionally at night, a group of children appear and play in one of the hospital hallways. It has long been known that in some places on earth, the veil is very thin between current reality and spirit life. So we tell ghost stories on Halloween. And we ponder the mystery surrounding the appearance of spirits in our world.

by Mary Jackle, OSB