Daily Meditation for October 29, 2019

These fall days, it’s hard to predict the weather. Some days can be warm and pleasant. Others are windy and rainy. Occasionally, we can even have some snow. We get many surprises living here in the Upper Midwest. This makes life interesting. When you think about it, it’s easy to see what a blessing this is. For one thing, the weather helps to keep us from being bored. We have to stay alert to changing conditions. We may have to know where the umbrella, or the galoshes, or the stocking cap is. Even more important, the weather gives us something to talk about. What a relief  it is to have a conversation that is not about politics or gossip. And everyone can join in with stories of personal experiences. We need to celebrate the blessings of weather. What a joy it is to live in God’s ever-changing world.

by Margaret Michaud, OSB