Daily Meditation for October 15, 2019

Biologists insist that deciduous trees do not die in the fall when their leaves fall off. The nature of these trees is to sluff off mature leaves and let the fall and winter winds clear the dead branches. After a season of growth, fruit bearing and beautiful exit colors, the trees prepare to give up what they don’t need in order to rest well, survive and gain strength for another season. That pattern is probably healthful even for us… for our own betterment, we might put aside or shed what would be helpful for our new growth! What new routine might give us new energy and purpose? Nature rests so that what is better and new may grow. As nature prepares for healthful and enlightening rest, how might our rest, reflection, hope, learning, friends and plans help us prepare ourselves for a better tomorrow in 2020?

by Judy Kramer, OSB