Daily Meditation for October 14, 2019

It isn’t a job…HOSPITALITY is a ministry, one where we make room for every and any person we meet. One never knows that we might be standing toe-to-toe with an angel in disguise! Offering one’s deepest gesture of gracious welcome, one’s eye contact, a warm handshake and/or embrace, a soothing voice and genuine spirit of personal interest, are what makes HOSPITALITY a most precious gift. Having eyes to see the many possibilities for HOSPITALITY and arms to embrace them is having a heart with an open door. Many persons walk this earth in a mode of survival day after day.  Then along comes HOSPITALITY…which changes the “survival” mode to one of illumination, to “I now live in the Light” all because of a person whose life is a candle which shares its glowing flame called HOSPITALITY. Isn’t it worth lighting a candle like that each and every day of our lives?

by Kathleen Rademacher, OSB