Daily Meditation for October 9, 2019

Are you enjoying your life? For many of us, the pace of life is so swift that all we can do each day is try to keep going, doing our jobs, being responsible and productive, and attending to our many relationships and opportunities. We don’t take time to consider whether we’re enjoying it or not. However, it is good occasionally to stop and take time to consider how life is for us. We all have hard days with disappointments, losses, frustrations and hurts. And then, there are good days when we do accomplish our goals, when we have good interactions with others and enjoy being alive. To be truly alive, it’s important to celebrate our days with gratitude. For a good day, we give thanks to God. If it was not a good day, we thank God that it’s over. And we look forward to a new day tomorrow. 

by Margaret Michaud, OSB