Daily Meditation for October 4, 2019

One can easily become discouraged and downhearted when noting natural disasters, gun violence, deadly diseases, etc. There seems no end to how much we humans can suffer from both direct and indirect causes. Surely Jesus and his disciples faced trying times in first-century Palestine—and did they too occasionally grieve with sadness and weariness? Most likely. But they never failed to turn to prayer as the ultimate antidote. The British poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, mourning a perceived loss of Christian values in his era—late 19th-century Britain, wrote movingly of his deep faith in God’s abiding presence. In the epic Morte d’Arthur, the dying king says: “God fulfills Himself in many ways. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” How true and how comforting! Trials will come, but we can hold fast to the power of prayer and God’s unending love for us.

by Carol Berg, OSB