Daily Meditation for October 1, 2019

Eri is a young Inuit man who lives in Greenland. His ancestors migrated there from Canada 5,000 years ago. Their way of life developed in harmony with the harsh environment. But with climate change, life is getting difficult for both people and animals. The largest glacier is melting and lost 6 miles of space during the last big snow and ice melt. Eri is worried about his future in his shrinking homeland. Greenland clearly demonstrates current effects of climate change. Related effects are more or less visible all over the globe and are progressing quickly. We join Eri in praying to our Creator to protect the earth. We need Wisdom to find ways to correct this and courage to make system changes. As individuals, how can we decrease the carbon footprint of our households? And when shall we citizens exercise our voting power to select leaders who will help us to work together to save the planet?

by Josue Behnen, OSB