October Offerings at the Spirituality Center●Studium

Join the Spirituality Center●Studium at one of our October programs or retreats!

Artistic Tools for Meditation
Three ways of artistic means to meditation will be presented and practiced. The first session picks up on the popular trend of adult coloring. The second session will be devoted to Bible journaling, involving both coloring and drawing. Lastly, the popular Zendoodle/Zentangle designs will be introduced and used in the third session. A variety of designs and tools for coloring, such as colored pencils, crayons and gel pens, will be provided. Registrants can determine if they would like to purchase their own materials after the first session. A light meal will be provided within each session.

The Celtic Way: Writing Toward Wholeness
The ancient Celtic Christians of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Britain brought together realities that are often divided or fragmented in our world—humans and nature, men and women, the sacred and the secular, to name a few. Because of the human longing for wholeness, the Celtic spirit, silenced for many centuries, is now reemerging. Guided by Celtic writing and art and the world around us, we will write prayers, chants, blessings, stories, poems—going where the spirit leads us. We will read and respond to each other’s work and put together a little collection of our work.

Sacred Circle Gathering
Using the Sacred Circle principles, we engage in deep listening within small circles of six to eight people and share the stories of our lives to gain insight and to give meaning to our lives. An intentional circle of caring and confidentiality provides us with new perspectives for our own personal journeys. Leadership is shared among all circle members.

Spiritual R & R Day
“Come away and rest awhile” (Mark 6:31). Throughout the Gospels, Jesus encourages his disciples to take time away to let their souls catch up with their bodies. The Spiritual R & R Day offers time for quiet prayer, reflection, reading, walking, resting and meeting with a spiritual director, if desired. Group prayer begins and ends the day. Midday prayer with the sisters at the Oratory and noon meal with the sisters at the monastery are also options.

Christ and Evolution
How do we understand and experience Christ in evolving creation? What does it mean for our daily lives? After both the morning and afternoon presentation, there will be personal reflection time followed with shared insights.