Thank You, God

I have cats because I am afraid of mice.

My cats do not like mice either. My farm is fair game for anyone who thinks all people in the country will take an animal they no longer want. This is how my cats came to live with me. I house and feed them. All I ever wanted in return is the one thing they carry on their resumes. They are supposed to be mousers.

Mine are froggers! You heard me, FROGGERS!

Most mornings I’ll find all these dead frogs on my porch. Their gifts of gratitude for me being their landlord/lady!

Why can’t you just catch mice?

I love to go out on the porch for morning prayer. That’s when I started to think about the gifts I give to God and the gifts God gives to me. I started to see a pattern. I’ve got ideas about what God is supposed to give me, too.

“Where is that perfect family I asked for?” “How come I’m in TN?” “Why do you give us persons to love, only to take them too soon?”

That’s pretty much how my prayer goes some days.

This morning I looked at the most beautiful crepe myrtle that literally bloomed overnight. I gasped. “Thank you, God.” A lovely new person walked into my life. “Thank you, God.” One of my kids called out of the blue. “Thank you, God.”



Gee, God, why did you create those obnoxious cats. I was on a roll.

Pat Pickett, OblSB